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Gael Force Wind Reports have been designed with engineers, managers and investors to identify the on-going Key Performance Indicators for your wind farm performance.

Where our Portal is designed to deliver real-time events into your hands, the Reports will deliver the bigger picture over a longer time period. This ensures that all operational issues on your wind farm are detected and resolved as quick as possible.

When working for our clients, we have effectively used the Gael Force Wind Reports to identify and resolve a range of issues:

  • Revenue losses from curtailed and de-rated turbines
  • Revenue losses from market settlement figures
  • Faulty anemometers
  • Misaligned turbines
  • Turbulence and wake effects
  • Trending of internal and external losses in production


From our experience managing wind farms and reporting to owners and investors, we have developed three types of reports that can be delivered monthly, quarterly and annually:

  • Operations Report
  • Power Performance Report
  • Availability Performance Report


Operations Report

  • 1-page Executive Summary of Key Performance Indicators
  • Actual Production versus Target Production graphs (P90, P75, P50 comparisons)
  • Wind Farm map with production and availability traffic lights
  • Availability breakdowns and trending
  • Fault frequency and trending


Power Performance Report

  • Scattered Power Curve
  • Binned Power Curve
  • Binned Power Coefficient
  • Scattered Power v RPM Curve


Availability Performance Reports

  • Annual Warranted Availability - Original and Adjusted
  • Availability Distribution graphs
  • Misallocated availability tables and graphs


Contact us for a sample report and to see how cost effective it can be to use our tried and tested reports to improve the management of your wind farms.