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The Gael Force Wind Portal delivers real-time information into your hands to enable decisions that can help you increase production revenue and remain compliant. The monitoring and alert capabilities have already saved our clients revenue losses by:

  • identifying when turbines are not performing to the power curve warranty
  • early detection of faults to prevent overnight/weekend downtime
  • detecting misaligned turbines and more


The Portal accesses all data streams from your wind farms, processes the data through our software and gives you the information you need, when you need it.

You can access the Portal through your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone from anywhere in the world. In addition, the Portal will send you customisable SMS messages for real-time events and alerts such as power curve issues and turbine faults.

Check out some of the features below.

  • If you have several wind farms you can easily see how they are all performing from one Home screen.


  • The Dashboard gives you a glance at the current status of all your turbines PLUS what has happened on your wind farm over the last 24 hours.


  • The History section gives access to monthly, quarterly and annual records of farm statistics: Production, Revenue, Losses, Curtailments and more.


  • Gael Force has developed a reporting system where you can store and access all your wind farm files for compliance and health & safety recording. The reports tool allows you to take images on-site, upload them immediately to the portal and notify users by email to minimise downtimes. Gael Force Wind Reports can also be accessed through the Reports tool.


  • The Graphs section gives you access to historical databases of your wind farm information. If you get an SMS alert for one of your farms or turbines, you can follow up and check out the power curves or turbine output for that period. All you have to do is select the turbine, time period and type of graph you want and the Portal does the rest.


Register for a demo now to see what we can do for you, or contact us to see how cost effective it can be to use our tried and tested system to manage your own wind farms. You can also download our Portal Brochure below.