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Eirgrid announce timelines for Gate 3 Constraints Reports

16th May 2013

Further to the publication of the decision paper Treatment of Curtailment in Tie-break Situations (Reference: SEM-13-010) by the SEM committee on the 29th of March 2013, Eirgrid are now in a position where the Gate 3 Constraints Reports can be completed and issued to Gate 3 applicants as per the CER Direction CER-08-260.

The reports will be issued for different areas around the country at different time periods between the 24th of April 2013 and the 19th of July 2013. Click here to view the issuance dates of the Gate 3 Constraint Reports.

The constraint levels identified in these studies will ultimately play a part in determining if projects can be successfully financed or not. For those developers that can proceed with their projects, they will then have to contend with more time and policy constraints such as REFIT 2 timelines and planning conditions and expiry.

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