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Google’s Growth in Renewable Energy – introducing Google Coordinate

16th August 2012

Google is known for its strong opinions on the use of renewable energy as our future energy sources. It has also used actions as well as words, in putting more than $350 million into clean power, which is impressive for an Internet company.

It has also signed Power Purchase Agreements on over 200MW of wind energy power to offset Google data centres power usage as well as other power requirements. To date Google have highlighted their invested in the following projects:

  • Recurrent Energy: large scale photovoltaic (PV) projects in California
  • Clean Power Finance: financing for rooftop solar
  • SolarCity: solar for thousands of residential rooftops
  • Brightsource: concentrated solar power at scale
  • Atlantic Wind Connection: a superhighway for clean energy transmission
  • Alta Wind Energy Center: harnessing winds of the Mojave
  • Shepherd’s Flat: one of the world’s largest wind farms
  • Peace Garden Wind Farms: opening up more financing for wind
  • Photovoltaics in Germany: investing in clean energy overseas


And given their exposure in the Renewable Energy sector it was only a matter of time before they used their software services experience to target the sector. In June 2012, Google announced Google Coordinate, a tool that works with Google Maps amongst other tools, to efficiently manage mobile work teams. This concept is ideal for the wind farm maintenance, in that all users of the system will have visibility as to who is the closest team to a particular site, if they need help and can give some new statistics on work flow.

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