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ESB and Eirgrid Resources – Electricity network maps

12th November 2013

Both the Irish Distribution System Operator (ESB Networks) and Transmission System Operator (Eirgrid) provide online mapping resources of the electricity network in Ireland. Both these resources offer a great level of detail and information to the general public and also people with business interests in the electricity infrastructure of Ireland.

The ESB interactive network maps ( give an overview of both Medium and High Voltage networks with background mapping to give an indication of stations and line routes for 10kV, 20kV, 38kV and upwards.

NOTE: As of November 2015, the ESB Networks mapping links are not working. We suggest contacting ESB Networks directly for any further information or queries.


Eirgrid’s Transmission System Information section of their website offers an All-Island Transmission Map in pdf format which gives stations and line routes from 110kV upwards to 400kV.