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Treatment of Curtailment of Wind Farms in Tie-Break situations

28th May 2012

On 29th March 2012 the SEM Committee decided to withdraw its decision to treat curtailment issues in a tie-break situation on a firm access quantity basis (as set out in Section 3.5 of the SEM-11-105) and publish a further consultation paper on the matter.

As identified by the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) in their response to the current consultation (SEM-12-028) “the treatment of curtailment has been acknowledged for almost 10 years now and indeed has been an item under consultation for more than four years”.

This current consultation is the summation of several regulatory approaches to addressing the unavoidable curtailment issues facing wind generation in Ireland as we reach maximum allowable penetration levels in the electricity network.

As a result, the current consultation has attracted considerable interest from all affected players in the Irish energy sector. The progress of the SEM-12-028 consultation can be viewed on the All Island Project website.

Kilmoyley National School Visit – Gael Force Wind Energy

25th May 2012

As part of the Engineers Ireland Steps Initiative, Gael Force Wind Energy visited Kilmoyley National School in north County Kerry recently to speak to over 60 students.

The talk was aimed at introducing primary school children to the world of engineering and the talk proved to be a two-way street in terms of education.

Dr. Michael Sheehy, a previous student of Kilmoyley National School, covered his career as an engineer from his first “engineering” job in Kilmoyley School at the age of 11 to his current position as CEO of Gael Force Wind Energy. In an interactive talk, the students of Kilmoyley National School spoke out about how they were presented with their second Green Flag for their efforts in promoting Energy Awareness from water conservation to nuclear fusion!